Saturday, April 25, 2009

Learning to walk

Learning to walk

I was about to start off with a story of my life, but face it, nobody wants to read that. So here I am, my first blog, with no clue about what I want to write about. My own life is too insignificant, and while the people in my life are my personal superstars, I don't know about you guys. In fact, I don't know you guys at all!

So let me just say that I meant to write, since a long  time. And only got the courage now. Special mention here to two blogs that have kind of given the li'l ol' push: One is Woman in Black (, a blogger I started following a couple of months ago that has me hooked for her sheer wit and honesty. Hers is also the vein I'd love to see myself writing in - WIB, please watch out for plagiarism :) 

Second was an online review of the embarrassingly amateurish movie Dashavatharam (yes, Gayathri, I'll still call it that) to which I posted my opinion, and ended up in an online war of counter-comments with a little racist down south. No, I'm not saying South Indians are racists - I still speak fondly of my time in Bangalore and the people who made it special for me. But boy, did I enjoy snapping at my racist friend! And I thought, well, its about time I had my own little column too.

I'll share more about myself in weeks and months to come. For now, I am Deepti*, I work for a magazine, love movies to the point of obsession - I promise you a Jaani Dushman blog soon, which will summarise years of hard work researching crappy movies, appreciate food enough to enjoy Sushi, dream of writing a novel and becoming the ultimate polyglot. 

And finally a confession - I'm bad at concluding! So I'll just say ciao, and thank you for stopping by. Hopefully the next post will actually have a subject :) 

*Thought of using a pseudonym, but forget it. Maybe I'll create an online alter-ego later to say all the nasty things I can't say here. Or I could post nasty comments to my own blog!


  1. What an honour to be mentioned! Thank you so much. I have just blogrolled you, so hopefully some of my motley crew of readers should make their way over to you.
    Much love to you x

  2. Thank you so much! You're still my favourite.

  3. You took so long to fulfill your promise? But was worth it anyway.