Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ring out the old: some ads I never want to see again

What's with all those thappads? Wait, don't tell me, I don't want to know. Thankfully, the ads are about the New Year's Eve, and the happy bells of 2012 will indeed ring them out. Sadly, that cannot be said about some of the other ads that are robbing me of my happiness.

Again some thappads? Really guys, is the entire Indian advertising industry so totally out of ideas?

3. Snapdeal
I don't know if I'm offended by the sheer racism of depicting Yamraj as a South Indian villain or simply by how dumb and unfunny the ad is. Maybe both. Notice how all the most annoying ads are about websites? Speaking of which...

"There is a thin line between sexy and sleazy," says Vidya Balan, who can incidentally use that line as a skipping rope. The 'sexy footwear' ad on the other hand, is far, far away from that line - and you know on which side it is.

5. 'December! December!'
Some car, I don't even remember which. Apparently they have some good deals going on in December. Thankfully, only 3 more days of watching that little kid jumping about with joy.

6. Tata Sky - Muffin!
Pregnant women are NOT dumb, annoying, unreasonable, selfish, obsessive fiends. Anyone who thinks otherwise, meet me outside my office unarmed and alone and we'll settle this like gentlemen.

And this is all the trash I'm exposed to without watching a single Hindi entertainment, movie or music channel. My mom was right. Television is bad for your brain. Man, do I miss Lalitaji!


  1. "Quote: 6. Tata Sky - Muffin!
    Pregnant women are NOT dumb, annoying, unreasonable, selfish, obsessive fiends"

    why blame the sub-species pregnant! the entire species "Woman" (including girls, of course) possess the great qualities you've listed.

    No offense, but a quick click through the below links would help you to understand the same.

    P.S. I'm no male chauvinist and am madly in love with a gorgeous woman.

  2. Really? Russel Peters? That's your argument? Good luck with your gorgeous woman.