Thursday, November 7, 2013

Plugging for friends, family and self

The sparkling young novelist and scholar, Devapriya Roy and that brainy husband of hers, Saurav Jha are finally in the process of giving shape to their labour of love, The Heat And Dust Project. The 'shape' will be of a book, about which I'll update you as soon as it is published. In the meanwhile, they have started a very interesting and eclectic blog, where I might contribute some film-related articles every once in a while. My post on a recent Marathi film Premachi Goshta is here.

The Heat And Dust Project - the book will be an account of a very interesting journey the duo took up some time ago, travelling through India on a shoestring budget. Devapriya has already written two novels - the first one, The Vague Woman's Handbook is a sweet tale of female bonding that suffers from unfair categorization into the chick-lit genre. Her second book, The Weight Loss Club - The Curious Experiments of Nancy Housing Cooperative, is sitting on my table as I type this, and you can expect a review pretty soon. You can sample some of her writing here. As you can tell, the girl needs a crash course in Short Titles.

Saurav Jha blogs and writes about defense, economics, science and other brainy stuff beyond my humble comprehension, so I'm not in a position to tell you much about him. You can read some of his articles here, or pick up his book The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power, because though I haven't read it yet, a book with that title cannot be half bad, no?

While at IBN Live, do also check out the new blog by V K Sharma, who retired as Executive Director as RBI last year. It's called Uncluttering the Clutter, and as the name suggests, it is a to-the-point commentary on the world of Indian Banking and Finance. The blog offers refreshing clarity and an original perspective which is likely to appeal to anyone interested in more than a superficial analysis of the subject. And I swear I'm not just writing this because Mr Sharma has been kind enough to let me marry his son.

While none of the above people have bribed me to promote their books/blogs, I'm pretty open to future opportunities.

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