Sunday, May 14, 2017

How women could have solved Baazigar

Chapter 1
Vishwanathan Sharma

Whom should I entrust with my business decisions?
My beautiful wife, who loves me dearly, mother of my children...

...giver of charity.

Or my son, who'll sign papers according to...

His mother's advice
Or this slimy character who has duped me before?

Tough Call.

Dad. That. Man. Duped. You.

Boss. I duped you.

You may have duped me, Madan Chopra. I had the pleasure of sending you to jail. You have a criminal record...

But at least you're not a woman!

You had it coming, dog.

I had it coming, dear. Now let me go out in pouring rain with a weak heart to search for medicine after all shops have closed.

Hang on, dear.

You didn't think of giving me power of attorney...

But I hope the fact that I'm a woman won't stop you...

From taking my last remaining piece of jewelry to help your useless ass.

Wsh.... Nice burn, mom!

Chapter 2
Madan Chopra

Hmm. And who do I trust? Let's see.

My only living off-spring, who I love more than anything in the world...

For whose sake I've humiliated myself and done slimy deeds to my benefactor...

And only last year I was naming factories after my daughters and buying them expensive cars

And she has studied something-or-the-other in Simla.

So should I entrust my business to my sweet, beloved, educated, living daughter?

Or the guy who entered our lives out of nowhere...

And has no family... and whose real eyes I've never seen?

And he has a penis! Did you for a moment think...

I'd entrust bizniss to a woman? Nah.

The End

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