Monday, January 15, 2024

Cow dunks on fashion

 Latest feed from Label Ritu Kumar:

Busy prints, frills and layers everywhere, unimaginative loosies from some late 70s nightmare.

Ethnic wear everywhere:

Lots of velvet - so expect lots of velvet collars, cuffs, plackets and borders on budget kurtas next year. We've seen this circa 2010, I think.

More layered skirts. Is this a scrap disposal year?

Blouses keep getting cuppy and cuppier. It was cute even they started engineering them like a good bra, but the neckline and hemline kept getting closer and closer, and now they have merged into a singularity. 

The result is this. (See not pictured refrence pic)

I don't know about you, but I like my breasts to be bolstered and held up like a prize, not left hanging like they are about to drop.

Has everybody forgotten how to blouse?

Also seeing a lot of organza. That's not a good fabric. Whatever happened to silks, cottons, or that beautiful blend of the two, chanderi? Or Georgette, I swear I'll sooner wear Georgette than organza. Why are consenting adults wrapping themselves in kite paper?

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