Thursday, July 2, 2009

...and, we're back!

Don't you just love Google?

After years of technologically retarded existence, humble ol’ self is finally learning the ropes. And indeed, staying ahead of the geeks who first scoffed at me for not having an email account (1999), then for not knowing what to do with it and always forgetting my password (2001), then for not having a gmail account (still on rediff? Tsch. – 2004) or not understanding what all the fuss around Orkut was (2005). Ahead of them, because I figured Twitter and got hooked on to it on my own! (Loud applause) Thank you, I love you all. Muah.

My romance with the Internet really started when it first helped me find a home and roommates in a new city. Three years, two cities and umpteen relocations later, Internet is again the reason I have the apartment I always wanted, and a sweet li’l roommate, everything worked out within a week and right under all the estate agent noses left sniffing the rainy air! And yes, my present job too. Just the one I wanted, and noone else thought such jobs exist. No need for applause.

The Internet has also been remedial to my Queuephobia – no more physical banking, ticket booking for me, sir. The scoffers of yore would be delighted to see my (company sponsored) lappy with four browsers – one to browse in German, another for English, one exclusively for using Outlook and one with a fancy logo.

AND the point of telling you all of this is… uh… I did have a very good point… never mind. Just wanted to blog.

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  1. I was about to say: 'you haven't blogged for ages!' and then I realised: your last entry isn't as long ago as mine was. Oops.

    Have remedied the situation. Hope to see you back here soon!

    WIB x