Monday, August 31, 2009

Tata has gone nuts! And this is not about some vanishing species of turtles...

Heard of I hadn't heard of it either - apparently it is a community portal for travellers, initiated by Bizarrely enough, Tata Sons have sued the company with the claim that the domain name infringes on the Tata brand name! Well I hate the expression, but WTF?

This isn't corporate bashing, but I do feel the company has taken it too far. If this is some ingeneous ploy to take over a popular domain name, kudos to the legal eagles in there. But if they actually contend that by being born into the Tata clan, they win copyright over a colloquial expression, then duh-uh... wait, is that copyrighted by someone too?

Do pass on the message. Not that its gonna help anyone, but we ought to know the levels of absurdity prevelant in our country.

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  1. LOL!
    It ain't the first time though. The Nano is the world's biggest joke!

  2. sorry, two months in replying. I blog rarely, and even more rare to see comments :)
    Though personally i don't think of Nano as a joke - unless you're talking of the nomenclature. I like seeing the little things on the road, and my only worry is that there might soon be too many of them. Traffic in tier2 cities is bad enough already without a lot of middle class families with cars.